A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

Election Campaign

During the 2010 municipal election in Milton, I put together a comprehensive web, print, and social media campaign that went far beyond anything the other candidates were attempting.

         Jennifer Smith Campaign website

The website, created on a Blogger platform, was noted in the local press as one of the most innovative and informative of all the candidates. It was used to discuss election issues in depth, and was fully integrated with a social media campaign through Facebook links and events, a Google calendar, and a Twitter feed in the sidebar.

All this was in addition to the more traditional campaign postcards, ‘doorknockers’, buttons and lawn signs, all of which I designed. Despite having one of the smallest budgets of any of the candidates in the ward, the quality and quantity of my campaign literature matched or exceeded that of all of my competitors.

Since the election, I have maintained the website as a local issues blog, replacing the Twitter feed with RSS feeds from local councillor websites.

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